About us

Hello! We are Rulls  and we want to be part of your curl care routine :)
A few years ago we began to be interested and to investigate in what way we could change our personal care routine and make a turn towards the natural and sustainable.
That included changing the type of care our hair also received (Yes! We have curly hair!).

So our adventure begins in October 2018 when we finally think ... why not create our own cosmetic brand for curly hair?

Since then we have been working, testing, testing and retesting combinations until we have found the ideal recipe to make our curls look soft, shiny, defined and hydrated. 

Rulls does not contain sulfates, silicones, drying alcohols or any other ingredient that can harm your hair.

In addition, our products are 100% natural cosmetics made in Spain (greetings from the capital of Turia!), They are only tested on humans and are certified with the v-label (vegan).

In short, we are an entrepreneurial project, made with great enthusiasm, effort and affection that we hope you will whistle as much as we do.

Would you like to meet us?