Nutritive Hair Mask + Hair Oil

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Do you need to repair and hydrate your hair in depth? This pack is all you need!

This combination is all you need to pre-poo before washing and hydrate, nourish, restore and strengthen your hair.


How do I use it?

Separately: On one side and with dry hair, apply a few drops of our Hair Oil in your hands and spread it through your hair. Then apply our Nutritive Hair Mask and let everything act for a few minutes. Then wash as usual et voilá.

Together: You can also make a pre-poo in the following way: Mix a few drops of Hair Oil with the amount of Nutritive Hair Mask that you are going to use that day in a bowl. Apply to your dry hair and stop acting a few minutes before washing it.

Nourished, hydrated and shiny hair in a few minutes :)