What is my type of hair?

by Diana Montesinos Agrisuelas on Aug 17, 2022

¿Cuál es mi tipo de rizo?

This classification that we show you in the image, which is the most widespread to this day, is the work of the American hairdresser André Walker (Oprah's stylist!) and will help us to explain in this post the different types of hair and their characteristics.

Type 1 - Straight hair

It is the quintessential straight hair and therefore difficult to curl. In general, it is usually very bright, smooth and sometimes with a tendency to get greasy easily.

Type 2 - Wavy hair

In this type of hair we already find "S" shaped waves starting a few centimeters from the root. It is much more moldable than a type 1 and you can define, mark and take advantage of those cool waves that form in your hair.

It should be noted that from this type of hair it is easy to find ourselves with a tendency to frizz, but there is nothing that good hydration does not fix.

Type 3 - Curly hair

Here we already begin to find the shapes of "S" in repetition. They can range from repetitions followed by looser curls to ringlets. As in type 2, there is a tendency to frizz if there is a lack of hydration. They are also usually manes with more volume. Definitely, ¡pelazos!.

Type 4 - Very curly/afro/coily/kinky hair

It's the hair with the tightest curls out there. A type 4A for example makes an "O" shape and finally a 4C makes a "Z" shape.

Types 4B-4C are very fragile and the loss of hydration is a threat to take into account. Therefore, to show off your hair as it deserves, it is super important to always keep it hydrated to avoid breakage. 

I'm sure you're thinking now I have various types of curls and waves in my hair! Do not worry, it is the most normal thing in the world.

Keep in mind that if you have also gone through chemical processes such as straightening, the best thing to do is to cut your hair little by little (or all at once if you dare!) and go through the so-called "transition" to identify which group you would fit into. plus your hair type.

Will Rulls work for my type of curls and waves? Outright yes.

Rulls is designed and tested on hair types 2, 3 and 4. Our products are super moisturizing, nutritious, as well as defining your curls thanks to the proteins in their formulas. You will simply have to adjust the amount of product to achieve a more natural effect or with more defined curls or waves.

You can see in this other post our use guide with amounts for type 3 hair.

And if you have any questions, give us a whistle!