"Made with love by curly hair people for curly hair people."

by Diana Montesinos Agrisuelas on Jun 01, 2022

Presentamos nuestra primera campaña "Made with love by curly hair people for curly hair people."

In a world as competitive as the cosmetics industry, we had the need to break the usual stereotypes, thinking of a more current message that would define us without losing our essence.

Rulls is a brand created by curlies and to curlies, so the main idea was to show different types of curls and hair textures on which our products work super well and to film the entire routine using Rulls.

The campaign, produced by rollers, is recorded and photographed entirely in Valencia by the team of Antarctic Study and with the support of Study Cardboard in May 2022.

In these times, where diversity and female empowerment are gaining ground, it is time for brands led by women and concerned about conscious cosmetics to make ourselves heard.

Do you want to see it? 



Video - Lalo Romera
Photo - Antarctic Study
Makeup - Meritxell Poulain
Hairdresser - Juanjo Romero x Poodle Hairdresser
Styling - Vilma P.
Art direction - Álvaro Martínez
Production - Studio Cartulina + Rulls
Casting - The Rats Company
Models - Tati Vidal, Belén Segarra, Livia Boogie, Álvaro Giráldez, Diana Montesinos