Why is our packaging made of plastic?

by Cristina Salvo on Jan 27, 2023

¿Por qué nuestro packaging es de plástico?

At first, it may come as a surprise that a project like Rulls, which is vegan, respectful of the environment and loaded with natural ingredients, uses plastic in its packaging. We thought about it a lot at the time and decided that it was the most sustainable option.

We are going to explain why

Without going into too much technicality, the plastic used in our packaging is recycled polyethylene terephthalate (better known as R-PET or post-consumer recycled PET).

Of the seven types of plastic that exist, it is the easiest to transform, since it is 100% recyclable.

In fact, it is the most recycled material on the planet, since due to its high adaptability it allows a great variety of designs. With such a widespread recycling process, it is possible not only to save energy and oil consumption, but also to reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions.

Some of the most notable characteristics of R-PET are its lightness and resistance. For us, this means reducing the weight of shipments, since we need less extra materials to protect them.

Transportation becomes much lighter and more efficient. And we come back to energy savings: we managed to minimize the carbon footprint by reducing the weight of shipments.

Another of its main advantages, and the reason why its use is so widespread, is its high insulating capacity. R-PET is a waterproof material and an ideal and very useful barrier when packaging cosmetic products because it guarantees the quality of the content.



We know that there are currently other types of materials called biodegradable and plant-based which are phenomenal in theory, but the truth is that today these materials require very sophisticated and inaccessible compost and recycling processes.

There is a good chance that biodegradable containers end up in landfills since on many occasions they do not find the optimal circumstances for their correct decomposition and, after all, they take the same time as conventional plastics to disappear.

What better way to recycle than by using what you already have?

It is a reality: plastic is at all levels of the production chain. That is why we are firmly convinced that extending the useful life of our packaging is the most sustainable thing we can do.

The desire to take advantage of existing materials also extends to our line of accessories. The it will be necessary Y towels de Rulls are made with polyester and microfibers respectively, from post-consumer R-PET plastic bottles.

We also use other materials, such as recycled methacrylate from our hair clips. In the design of our sentences Y sharpeners we chose 3D printing with biodegradable material of vegetable origin (PLA). and our pretty soap dishes They are made 100% with cork from national forest cork oaks.

We save water, CO2 emissions, energy and soap in its manufacturing processes and reduce the carbon footprint by 76%. Not bad at all, right?

Rulls is a conscious and kind cosmetic brand, with our bodies and with the environment.

We are always guided by a spirit of continuous improvement and we do not stop researching to find new recycled, recyclable and native materials with which to work. We simply believe that right now, reusing and recycling our packaging is the best way to take care of the planet.